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My Top Ten Employer Mistakes

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In advising employers or conducting legal training for employers, I find it useful to emphasize what I have found over the years to be the top ten things that get employers in trouble via a charge or lawsuit, or an unhappy workforce that may turn to a union for support, or simply not care about doing a good job.


Here are my top ten employer mistakes, from bad to really bad:

10. Trying to claim employees are independent contractors

9. Misclassifying employees as overtime exempt

8. Failing to honestly evaluate employees

7. Failing to adopt and follow a consistent disciplinary system

6. Failing to document counseling and discipline

5. Not taking complaints of workplace harassment seriously

4. Not telling employees what is going on

3. Firing or disciplining employees in a way that appears to be unfair

2. Failing to show appreciation to employees

1. Failing to treat employees with dignity and respect

If you’re a Tennessee business facing an allegation of discrimination or other employment law matter, or a concern about possible union activity, get help investigating and defending against these issues by contacting the seasoned and professional Memphis Law Offices of Cary Schwimmer at 901-753-5537.

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